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Frank N' Mur Pet Services is owned by me, Meaghan Hutzel! I started very casually with only a couple of clients in the fall of 2020 as a way to help pay the bills while I was a full-time student at St. Lawrence College. Once I graduated, I realized that this is what I wanted to do full-time. This is my true passion. I knew I had to spend all of my days with as many animals as possible. I dedicated all of my spare time into Frank N' Mur Pet Services, and what was once a part-time gig, has grown into a company with tons of four-legged clients, (some two-legged) multiple employees, and is constantly growing! I am extremely proud to be the owner of Frank N' Mur Pet Services and I am very grateful for everyone who has supported me along the way! 

Why Frank N' Mur?

The name 'Frank N' Mur' comes from putting together two of Meaghan's dogs names, Frankie and Murdoch!

They are the inspiration behind the company and a huge part of her life.


  • We are fully insured and bonded.

  • All employees are required to submit background checks before starting with the company.


We can't wait to provide all the love your furry family members deserve!


Meet Our Team

Dedicated. Reliable. Passionate.

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